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Want an abundant life? Want to optimize your performance? If so, this is a good place to start! Online coaching is by far the most convenient way to get coaching. You simply pick up the telephone or place a Skype call and get help right away.

People come to me to change something about their life. They are looking for greater joy or simply to have a confidant in life. They’ve made the mistake trying to solve the problem using methods learned long ago. Everyone models what they’ve seen in their parents, teachers, clergy and other mentors.

We observe the actions of the people we most admire and follow their example. These actions become habits. Neural pathways are created like the hiking trail. It’s easy to travel. It gets beaten down.

How Do We Change?

First: Self Awareness

We don’t see the world the way it is, but rather, the way we are; complete with all our biases, assumptions, beliefs and interpretations (correct or not). Once we understand this, we begin to ask questions when we disagree instead of exercising our will over a situation. We attempt to understand instead of being understood

Second: Change your language and listen to the right voice

The way we see the world occurs out of language and the voice we give our attention. Your only limitation to achieving the life you’ve always wanted is language. The language you use is either one of self doubt or self assurance. Your performance equals your potential minus interference

Third: Choose regenerative language and listen to a different

We change our thinking and behavior by using regenerative language and listening to the voice of self assurance. In the absence of a compelling vision we will always return to our past. So we trust in our ability to improve and develop a vision for our future. This is where a good life plan helps!

In conclusion, to make real change we need to have a clear idea of our current behavior, and a compelling vision of our desired future. In other words we need self awareness or someone willing to speak into our life with honesty and truth. You can’t learn this stuff from a book. It is on the job training. But you can take some shortcuts. You will find your sweetspot at the intersection of 3 primary areas of your life. It is also where a good life coach can help.

Get out of stress mode and learn how to take control of your life again

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