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Cultivating Workplace Culture: Be Accountable. Ensure Accountability

Ensure accountability and be accountable. In another post, I discussed responsibility, authority and accountability (RAA’s). All three are equally important but accountability is so important it deserves some special attention. Why Accountability? For some, the mere mention of the “A” word strikes them with fear. Just say accountability to a…
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Emotional Intelligence Life Coaching

How To Improve Your Well Being: Work on Your Emotional Intelligence

How To Improve My Well Being The Urban Dictionary defines well being as, “the physical, psychological, spiritual, social and economic state of an individual or group.” Well being: the founders of America described this intrinsic desire as, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” These 3 things have been on…
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Emotional Intelligence

Independence: Why Is It So Important? What Is The Opposite of Independence?

What Does Affirmation Mean? How does independence relate to affirmation? The reason for this question? Independence was the original message of this blog because independence is one of 15 elements of EQ. The reason for the change: I assumed dependence was the opposite of independence. I’m not too sure now.…
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Business Coaching

How To Grow A Business. Stop working in it and start working on it!

How To Grow A Business You started a business you love. You are passionate about the product or service you are providing and you are really good at it. I hear this all the time. A few (2-4) years later your complaint is all you do is work. You’re never…
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Emotional Intelligence

What is Assertiveness? How To Be More Assertive.

What is Assertive? Being assertive is not about being right all the time. It is more about getting what you want in a way that doesn’t trample on someone else’s feelings or neglects other’s needs. The emotionally intelligent understand this. The opposite of assertiveness could be aggressiveness. It could also…
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Emotional Intelligence Soft Skills

How To Become A CEO. What Does A Chief Executive Do?

How To Become A CEO How to become a CEO. The research is in. A 10 year study of 2,600 CEOs and 17,000 assessments and the results will probably surprise you. There were four things the majority of CEOs did as junior executives that propelled them all the way up…
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Life Coaching

How To Forgive Yourself. Why It Matters To Your Future!

How To Forgive Yourself How can you ask me to forgive fill-in-the-blank? Easy, your un-forgiveness is your prison! When we focus on the past we are unable to have clarity on the future. In the absence of clear vision we always return to our past. Why? Because we go back to…
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Emotional Intelligence

What Is Self Awareness? What Does It Mean To Be Self Aware?

How To Be Self Aware How to become self aware. To be self aware is to fully comprehend our thoughts, feelings and actions. And, perhaps more importantly, how our thoughts, feelings and actions affect self and others. It is the ability to look at our life as others see us.…
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Life Coaching

How to Stop Being Insecure. Overcome Insecurity and Negative Self Talk

How To Not Be Insecure All of us have insecurity. Learn the lesson but don’t dwell on it. All sorts of things lead to insecurity, however, in my experience many insecurities are rooted in dramatic painful or emotional events. They may also a result of one’s family of origin. Those…
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